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About Us

  The Gravitational Landslide Observatory by Geoazur presents the works conducted within the framework of the OMIV Observatoire Multidisciplinaire des Instabilités de Versants which carries the INSU label for four years. The OMIV is monitoring four landslide areas in the French Alps. The Geoazur team is in charge of the La Clapière case study. The OMIV partners are the following:

- DO
- Geoazur
- OSUG - LGIT (Coordinator)

See the Organization chart and the Team lists

  The Geoazur Gravitational Landslide Observatory also gives online access to observations and studies perfomed in worldwide partnerships (geographic sites: South-Eastern France, the Gulf of Corinth, the Algerian margin, the Andean margin...).

Contact: Thomas Lebourg, Geoazur, UNS, Nice, France.

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Wednesday  7 October 2009
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DO Team
Christophe Delacourt Professor (University of Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France) Christophe.Delacourt@univ-brest.fr Read the whole article
Wednesday  7 October 2009
traduction [English ] [français ]
Jean-Philippe Malet Permanent Researcher CNRS Responsible for the service EOST-IPGS Responsible for the Super-Sauze and La Valette mudslides jeanphilippe.malet@eost.u-strasbg.fr (...) Read the whole article
Tuesday  6 May 2014
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Geoazur Team
Thomas Lebourg Associate Professor (University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France) Responsible for the service for Geoazur Responsible for the La Clapière landslide (...) Read the whole article
Wednesday  7 October 2009
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LST Team
Pascal Allemand Professor (University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France) Pascal.Allemand@univ-lyon1.fr Philippe Grandjean Engineer (University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France) (...) Read the whole article
Wednesday  7 October 2009
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OSUG - LGIT Team (OMIV Coordinator)
Jean-Robert Grasso Physicist (University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France) OMIV Coordinator - Responsible for the service for OSUG-LGIT grasso@obs.ujf-grenoble.fr Agnès (...) Read the whole article