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Geology & Geomorphology

Research Studies by H. Jomard and T. Lebourg, Geoazur, UNS, Nice, France.

The Tinée landscape features result from both:

- its ancient tectonic inheritance (Variscan to Alpine),
- its recent history (Quaternary) characterized by outstanding climate changes (deglaciation) and a high occurrence of major gravitational phenomena.

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Wednesday  18 November 2009
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Ancient tectonic inheritance
The upper Tinée valley is highly affected by ductile and brittle deformations and the slope direction is strongly strained by the directions N110°-130° (mylonitic corridors, schistosity, (...) Read the whole article
Friday  20 November 2009
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Recent History (Quaternary)
The second component of the landscape features is related to the Quaternary erosion of the valley. The latter includes both internal geodynamic factors (active tectonics) and external (...) Read the whole article