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[Observatoire Gravitaire Géoazur] Geographic Location & History
Geographic Location & History

Research Studies by S. Zerathe and T. Lebourg, Geoazur, UNS, Nice, France.

The La Marbrière slope is located in France, in the south-western part of the Alpes-Maritimes region. The slope is 15 km to the north of the Cannes coastline and 30 km to the north-west of Nice. It shelters a large part of the town of Grasse. The area is highly urbanized (major stakes) and easy to drive to (less than 1 hour from Nice by road). In particular, the slope is crossed from east to west by several roads and tracks giving quick access to the unsteady areas, comprising a DFCI track (in the upper part) and the walkway of an aqueduct (the Foulon canal, located halfway up).

The damage of the slope were put forward in the year 2008 during research studies about the analysis and the mapping of gravitational hazards over the Loup river watershed and the Grasse area. Several zones concerned with inherited and deep-seated (volume > 106 m3) gravitational movements were revealed. They are zones suffering from deep gravitational ruptures (> 200 m) which structural and lithologic context plays a great part. Thus the La Marbrière slope has been identified as a deep-seated-landslide.