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[Observatoire Gravitaire Géoazur] Monitoring

Research Studies by T. Lebourg and B. Fresia, Geoazur, UNS, Nice, France.

Within the frame of the study and understanding of the rupture processes related to the gravitational instabilities of the Vence landslide (Prat de Julian), the research laboratory Geoazur has implemented the monitoring of the Prat de Julian landslide in partnership with the Vence village authorities since fall 2008:

• Measurement of the resistivity variations (daily to every 6 hours), (IRIS Instrument equipment, SYSCAL switch 48 pro, 24 way flute),
• Tacheometric monitoring of 34 targets (monthly, except in crisis case) with the tacheometer TDA 5005 Leica,
• Measurement of the mass movement: 3 inclinometers (with diaxial inclinometer 801S accuracy 10-5 m),
• Measurement of piezometric levels: 4 piezometers (with piezometer Sisgéo 4-20 mA, 100 kPa, model P252R with a 20 m drilling wiring, temperature sensor PT100),
• Measurement of rainfall.

A presentation by diaporama was performed in October 2009 by Geoazur and data interpretation was reported in December 2009.

The whole data, as well as those recorded since 2006, are given online access in the Database section and are continuously available for all decision makers of the Vence village and all researchers willing to work on the related issues and on the multiparameter multiscale observation...