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[Observatoire Gravitaire Géoazur] History

The area was submitted to high urbanization from the 70s (from 9 to 17 houses between 1970 and 1980) before the happening of the first building damage following bad weather at the beginning of the 80s.

The first movements will escalate till the acceleration of their kinematics and the first important events, like the obstruction of the Lubiane River bed downwards, generating mudslides on the Piouler path in October 1981 after a 250 mm rainfall over 24 h.

In 1989, the number of houses on the unstable slope having increased to 26, some movements drew attention at the occurrence of each heavy rainfall event.

In 2000, the landslide activity escalated more and reached a paroxysmal phase comprising the appearence of rocky scarps several meters high at the bottom and the top of the landslide.

Since, the affected zone has been monitored by Geoazur research laboratory in partnership with the Vence village local authorities.