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[Observatoire Gravitaire Géoazur] Pluviometry

Since 2006 pluviometry has been given by a small meteorological station nearby the landslide. Since fall 2008, pluviometry data are recovered every hour. The time step resolution is relevant in order to understand the hydrological response of the catchment.

Pluviometry recordings:

- Acquisition mode: pluviometer
- Measurement frequency: daily since 2006, hourly since fall 2008
- Transfer mode: data transferred by mail periodically
- Representation: daily

Pluviometry shows a recurrence of heavy rainy periods from November to June, especially during automn and winter times. Rainfall are in that case punctual events, nevertheless significant and distributed throughout these periods. They may reach values nearing 7 cm of rainfall per day when heavy storms.

The punctual occurrence of major events which are interrupted by dry periods play an important part in the hydraulic response of the catchment, characterized by water pulse that may be the cause of the stabilization in 2000.

The pluviometry measurement is nowadays performed with a time lapse of one record per hour, describing in the best way the rainfall event episodes in time. On the annual scale, the same trend of punctual rainfall events separated by dry periods is retrieved, as shown on the graph on the left side.

The detailed Technical Notes of the measurement equipment comprise:

- Installation schemes for the devices in Technical Note 1 appendix 1
- Wiring configurations in Technical Note 1 appendix 2
- Sensor installation notes in Technical Note 1 appendix 3 - PLUVIOMETRY
- Certificates of calibration in Technical Note 2 appendix 4
- Resulting charts of the recorded values in Technical Note 3 appendix 5 - PLUVIOMETRY

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