Geological Context
Research Studies by T. Lebourg and B. Fresia, Geoazur, UNS, Nice, France.

Thursday 10 December 2009 by Thomas Lebourg

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On a large scale, the study area is located in the Vence synclinal, covered by the Transgressive Miocene that outcrops northwards. The zone is divided up by North-South and East-West Earlier Miocene faults, inherited from the Mesozoique or the tectonic expansion of the Oligocene (N. Flotté, 1975 ; C. Mangan, 1982).

At the sliding zone level, faults are not visible but an important fracturation of the outcropping limestone can be observed. Formations are covered by loose clay sands, affected by the landslide.

Structural map of the Vence region (source : EEG Simecsol)

Large scale cross sections of the studied area (source : EEG Simecsol)


Prat de Julian profile 3 (source : EEG Simecsol)