Geophysical Location
Research Studies by T. Lebourg, Geoazur, UNS, Nice, France.

Friday 4 December 2009 by Thomas Lebourg

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In Panagopoula area, a 480 meter long electrical line (48 electrodes with 10 meter spacing giving an investigation depth of 250 m) was chosen. The two ERT are indicated in the figure below:

- ERT1 is located in the central part of the area, with a N000 orientation. The objective is to image E-W faults,
- ERT2 was performed at the foot of the slope, along an E-W direction, just above sea level in order to image the contact between the grey limestone and a red limestone outcropping to the west.

Panagopoula Geological Map with the Location of the Electrical Resistivity Tomography bounded (38°19′40N: 21°55′53E), (38°19′40N: 21°56′34E), (38°19′03N: 21°55′53E), and (38°19′03N: 21°56′34E)