ERT Parameters
Tuesday 22 December 2009 by Thomas Lebourg

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Tomography recordings:

  • Acquisition mode: permanent SYSCAL resistivimeter connected to a 24 electrode flute, i.e. a 120 meter long electrical line. Acquisition of 574 measurement points in the form of a 2D resistivity pseudo-section. Installed since 2006
  • Measurement frequency: profile measurement scheduled by computer, daily or bi-daily
  • Transfer mode: data recovery by the field recording station. At the planning stage: receipt by the GSM system directly at the Geoazur laboratory
  • Representation: daily (average resistivity or by pseudo-section)

Measurements, when processed, enable to study the variations of the massif, in terms of resistivity. In that case, resistivity variations are due to the hydraulic variations of the slope.

The electrical tomography holds two specific aims:

  • In the short term, stuying the geometry of the groundwater drainage and transfer network,
  • In the long term, setting up a forecasting model for hydraulic variations within the massif by geophysical signal.